I3s2022 - 20-22 June 2022 - Saint Malo (France)
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International Symposium Salmonella and Salmonellosis

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Santé Publique France
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About Saint Malo

Around the 6th century B.C., a Welsh monk named MacLow, disciple of Aaron, moved to Alet, the beginnings of the Corsair City, and became its bishop. The city owes its name to him and later became one of Brittany's nine bishoprics.


The Saint-Malo area covers 16.6% of the Ille-et-Vilaine department, or 1,106 km² including 100 km of coastline. More than 150,000 people live there, for an average of 137 inhabitants per square kilometre.


The Saint-Malo district counts approximately 5,300 businesses, including 2,400 shops, 900 companies, and 2,000 service businesses. 









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