I3s2022 - 20-22 June 2022 - Saint Malo (France)
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International Symposium Salmonella and Salmonellosis

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Welcome to
                  20 - 22 June 2022


Dear all,

We are pleased to welcome you to Saint-Malo for the coming International Symposium Salmonella and Salmonellosis, which will take place from next Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd June 2022 at the Palais du Grand Large, 1 Quay Duguay Trouin, Saint-Malo FRANCE. 



The International Symposium Salmonella and Salmonellosis, created by scientists from ANSES, is organized since 1992. Since the first edition, the I3S has been a great success and many scientists from all over the world still participate in this symposium which is now in its eighth edition. The attendees are from academic, governmental and industrial areas, all interested in Salmonella issues related to animal, plant, environmental and human health. Topics of the different sessions are set up to cover those different issues and to promote scientific discussions. Based on previous editions, more than 200 people from all over the world (more than 20 countries represented in 2018), are expected to attend the next I3S in Saint-Malo.


We look forward welcoming you to Saint-Malo !

Best regards,


Marianne Chemaly
Chairwoman of the Organizing and Scientific Committee
International Symposium Salmonella and Salmonellosis

And Pierre Colin
Honorary Chairman
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